Bean Explorer


Bean Explorer provides an extension over traditional Java Beans model to meet requirements of the most modern applications. It consists of two interconnected parts:

Component definition helpers. This framework simplifies definition of the components while allowing the developer to implement easily many advanced features like simple, array and composite properties, component metadata, ordered and dynamics propert lists and advanced property editors.

Visualization toolkit. This framework is used to display and customize components using TreeTable user interface. Though it fully utilizes advanced features of component provided by this library, it nevertheless capable to work with simple (or third-party) Java Beans.

Bean Explorer can be integrated in any application and from our expereince it will simplify greatly the development of Java-based UI applications.

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BioUML is an open source integrated Java platform for building virtual cell and virtual physiological human. It spans a comprehensive range of capabilities, including access to databases with experimental data, tools for formalized description of biological systems structure and functioning, as well as tools for their visualization, simulation, parameters fitting and analyses. Due to scripts (R, JavaScript) and workflow support it provides powerful possibilities for analyses of high-throughput data. The plug-in based architecture (Eclipse run time from IBM is used) allows to add new functionality using plug-ins.

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